My name is Kavindu Wijayawardena and my number is 4167356009.

I have been eating these mung bean sprouts for about a month now. I have noticed that I feel full during the morning and have less food cravings. Eating the mung beans in the morning has given me so much energy and nourishment in such a light meal. I eat my mung beans with maple syrup and it tastes quite good. One thing that really surprised me was how much protein these little mung beans have. I get about 25% of my daily protein from the mung beans, they’re helping me build muscle. Another thing I have noticed since starting these mung beans is that I have been able to stop a very addictive behaviour I had before (smoking weed), I am not giving the mung beans full credit for me being able to be 7 weeks sober today but just something that I noticed. I have been very active going outside for 3-5 hours every day after work to play basketball and work out at the calisthenics park 4-5x a week. 


Jackie Hatt

I came across Tony’s Sprout Growers and mung beans only a few months ago. Since then I have consumed mung beans almost every day. These small but mighty beans have impacted my life and those around me in only a short time. Myself, my Dad and a few friends have experienced amazing results thus far. Constipation has lessened for some. Feeling full and satisfied after eating mung beans lasts for hours. Energy levels are consistent. I like to enjoy them with a little bit of maple syrup. Their earthy taste and crunchy texture pairs perfectly with the sweet. I bless my beans with Reiki energy making their nutrients even more powerful. I couldn’t believe these beans have every vitamin and mineral we need to be healthy along with protein and fibre. Nature’s food provides us with everything we need to be healthy. I am extremely grateful to have come across Tony and these healing beans. I stand behind them fully and share them with whoever is willing to give them a go. I began distributing sprouters and beans for Tony as I truly believe in them and know they can help many people achieve better health. The process of sprouting is so simple and easy with next to no cleaning required. I love watching the beans go from hard little seeds to these expanded plump beans with tails. I highly recommend mung beans to everyone and I am going to do my best to keep on sharing them with the World. For such a low cost the amount of nutrients provided is unheard of. These days you go to a Health Food store and you’re paying anywhere from $30-$70 for a multivitamin supplement. Mung beans cost $5 a lb and thats enough for a month of breakfasts. How can it get any better than that? Once again I must say I’m grateful and feeling amazing everyday eating mung beans. Thank you Tony for your passion to share this with the World. Thanks to you my family and friends are on route to living healthier, happier lives!